Kosovo-Albania power line project started

04/05/2011 19:25

In Kosovo, today was placed the symbolical cornerstone of the 400 kV
power lines that will connect Kosovo with Albania.

The project
costs 75.5 million Euro and will be financed by the German government.
During the ceremony, Prime Minister Thaçi called this power line “an
energetic highway”.

This project will unite the electric power markets, improving the energy line in the Kosovo Republic and increasing electric energy exchanges”, Thaçi said.

The executive director of Electrical Power Market and Transmission System Operator, Fadil Ismajli, declared that the 400 kV line will enable energy exchange between Albania and Kosovo with a high transmission capacity, growing the security and the stability of both power systems.

The project will cost 33.5 million Euro in the Kosovo territory and 42 million Euros for the part in the Albanian territory. The length of this line in Kosovo is 90 kilometers and in Albania it will be 151.5 kilometers.

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