Korcë, police searching Liljana Arapi’s head

17/08/2011 14:10

The horror story of the slaughtered 42-year-old woman in Korçë
continues. After searching for many days, Police thinks there are good
chances for finding the head of Liljana Arapi, which might be hidden
near the residence of the 84-year-old killer.

The most recent police report says that the killer has revealed the place where he hid the head of the victim, after changing the declaration that he made in the first hours of the day, when he said that he wasn’t the killer. According to the new declaration, the author admitted that he had killed the woman after suspecting that she had stolen 300.000 ALL from him.

 The Court of Korçë has issued the custody measure “in prison until trial” for Kaqo Dumka, the only accused for the murder and slaughter of Liljana Arapi.

At first, during the court session, Dumka refused killing Liljana, and said that she had been kidnapped and slaughtered by three persons.

“They obliged me to throw her body in the garbage. The three persons that were unknown to me took her head with them”, the defendant declared, before changing his declaration and admitting the crime.

Although there have been suspicions that Dumka might not have acted alone, the investigators declare that there is enough evidence that show Dumka the only author of the slaughter.

84-year-old killer doesn’t reveal victim’s head

Jealousy and revenge for spending the money of his pension were the motives that drove the 84-year-old Gaqo Dumka to slaughter his 42-year-old partner, Liljana Arapi. Dumka had been in a Nazi concentration camp in Germany during WW2, and for this he received a pension from Germany. Police suspects that this period has left psychological damages to the man who has manifested it through this horrifying slaughter. The slaughtered body of the 42-year-old from Bilisht was taken by the family members to be buried without her head.
This is what the local police confirms, who were able to shed light on other details of the macabre story that shocked the city of Korçë this Friday.

According to the police, the murderer had confessed that he was very jealous and that he suspected that the woman who he thought that would stay by him in the old age had been cheating on him with several other people, and that she had been spending his pension money by even by putting him in debt with local stores.

The crime

Local police says that the 84-year-old has committed the premeditated murder in cold blood. He confessed of killing the woman while she was sleeping. After killing her, Dumka cut her limbs, her head and genital organ. Afterwards he had divided the parts and her clothes in plastic bags and threw it in the garbage, 30 meters far from his rented home.

Then he had tried to hide the tracks by cleaning the blood from the furniture and walls. Meanwhile, the destiny of the victim’s head remains unknown. Police says that the 84-year-old killer shows signs of fatigue and occassional memory, and gives very unclear declarations when asked for the head of the victim, as if he is trying to avoid the subject.

The Police have searched the waste field and his entire house, but at the end they were obliged to give the body to the relatives without the woman’s head.

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