June 30th elections, Court published ruling for new Mayors

15/07/2019 18:54

The Court ruling has confirmed the victory of several candidates for the municipal elections of 2019.

More specifically, it has confirmed the mayoral terms for the municipalities of Kolonja, Kukes, Devoll, Maliq, Mallakastra, Shijak, Patos, Pustec.

The same decision was given for the municipality of Cerrik.

The session was held after the complaint filed by Altin Toska, who is still in power and who won in 2015 with the Socialist Movement for Integration against Qamil Boja from the Democratic Party.

Toska’s complaint was rejected by judge Bujar Musta. As result, Andis Salla will be the new Mayor of Cerrik, after the June 30th elections.

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