Italy, Kosovan mother and son drawn

29/06/2011 14:45

A young Kosovan mother lost her life trying to save her son, who fell in
the Oglio River, Bergamo Province, where two Kosovan families had gone
for having a relaxing afternoon.

The 12 year old Ermal Zeneli fell into the water and his mother, Mehreme, without taking in consideration the danger and although she was unable to swim, jumped into the water for saving her child. The efforts for saving them were useless. Zeneli family, both parents and the three children had just been reunited in Italy, after the father had been working for many years in Bergamo as a construction worker. But the plans for the future were washed away by the river.

400 people are drawn each year in Italy. Last summer, several deaths were recorded exactly in this river, mainly foreigners.

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