Italy: “Cannabis parcels in Albania, 150% less”

03/11/2017 17:20

Guardia di Finanza confirmed the extreme reduction of cannabis plantations in Albania.

The report of the air monitoring for 2017 was announced in presence of the Italian Interior Minister, Marco Minniti, who was attending an official visit in Tirana.

“This year we have monitored 23.77% of the territory, carried out 53 missions and 129 flight hours. We identified 2000 plantations in 2016, with more than 700.000 plants. For 2017 we identified 88 plantations with 5000 plants. The reduction is visible”, said Stefano Screpanti, from Guardia di Finanza.

The Italian officials valued the cooperation with Albanian counterparts and reported about the cannabis that has been seized in various operations.

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