Interior Minister warns Police

14/06/2011 21:25

Presenting the government plan for the tourist season, Interior Minister
Bujar Nishani warned the police that they will be penalized if they
will not maintain good behavior with the citizens.

It is the first time that police ethics is mentioned in the plan of the Interior Ministry for Tourism.

According to Nishani, the Interior Inspection Service has been prepared for taking in consideration any concern related to bad police communication with the citizens.

“The Interior Inspection Service will keep constant contacts and will create the entire infrastructure to enable citizens to denounce any absence of ethics from Police. The Interior Ministry and administrative structures of State Police will be very strict towards police agents that ignore legal obligations”, Nishani declared.

Referring to the death of the Czech tourist, Nishani declared that water sports were conducted without minimal technical conditions.

“All previous analyzes and investigations showed that this activity was conducted without the conditions and parameters provided by law. It was conducted by unauthorized people, untrained and without protective measures. All these activities must be conducted by respecting the measures that aim to protect the citizen’s life”, Nishani underlined.

Another part of the plan was the matter of noise pollution and loud music on beaches, which remains an unsolved issue from Albanian agencies. However, the Interior Minister asked the authorities to solve the problem by implementing law.

Albania has been swept lately by harsh political events, but the Interior Minister rejected all possibilities that these events will affect the tourism,

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