Increased alert in Tirana’s International Airport after Wuhan virus outbreak

25/01/2020 17:09

The Health Inspection United at the Mother Theresa International Airport has increased its alert status due to the coronavirus situation.

However, the only increased measure is a check-up of passengers coming from China.

More hygienic and sanitation measures were taken at the airport, with more frequent cleanups and with a higher amount of disinfectants.

According to Dr.Hashorva, they have activated the protocols related to the situation caused by the coronavirus despite the fact that Albania is among the least endangered countries.

“Even in this stage, Albania is a low-risk country for two main reasons.

“One,  we don’t have direct flights with China, and especially with the region where the epidemic broke out.

“Second, the passengers coming from China have already been checked by airport staff in other transit countries.

“The European cities that have direct flights to China and to the Wuhan province are conducting a very intensive passenger monitoring, by even setting up check-up rooms.”

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