In Moscow, Albanian PM Rama urges Russian FM Lavrov to recognize Kosovo’s independence

26/02/2020 18:53

In the joint press conference Lavrov-Rama during the latter’s visit today in Moscow, Top Channel’s Mohamed Veliu asked the Russian Foreign Minister if there are new reasons why Russia continues to deny Kosovo independence and if Moscow will one day do so.

“You asked if I can think of any date when Russia will recognize Kosovo, but it is as Rama mentioned that there has to be an implementation of what is already agreed upon. There are a series of agreements between the two entities, including the creation of the Serbian Communes’ Association in Kosovo, the establishment of which would be a step forward in securing the rights of Serbs living in Kosovo. The agreement was reached 6 years ago, Pristina refuses to respect it. We promote the dialogue but our colleagues in the EU have failed to ensure the implementation of these agreements. We insists, however, that this be resolved on the basis of mutual agreements” stated the Russian FM Lavrov.

Whereas on the same subject Albanian prime minister Edi Rama stated: “Yes, we discussed this and we are distant in our stances, because our attitude is clear. I think it is in everyone’s best interest, even that of Serbia, to recognize Kosovo as it is. We have supported dialogue and reconciliation in order to achieve this recognition. There have been many aspects of dialogue materialized in agreements that have not seen light. I would tell Minister Lavrov my opinion that the will of the people cannot be of double standards when it comes to knowing or not knowing what the will of the people brings to life for the populations. And for a population, like Kosovo that has lived under the rule of a state that has not elected, I don’t see why others have the right to partition and have their own states and not Kosovo. However this is another chapter. “

Top Channel