Haradinaj: “Political situation in Kosovo will be clarified very soon”

16/08/2017 00:00

Ramush Haradinaj, candidate for Prime Minister from the PAN coalition
(between Democratic Part of Kosovo, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo
and Initiative), said that the political situation will very soon turn
to normality.

The reason why so much time was needed for building the institutions, was the interest to have a government with a wider base, not just with 61 votes, according to Haradinaj.

These comments were done during a press conference of his party, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, while presenting their candidates for Peja and Gjakova.

When asked if he would be Prime Minister of Kosovo on September 1st, Haradinaj said:

“I think the political situation will be clear very soon. The implementation may take more time, but clarity will come soon”, Haradinaj said.

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