Halimi: House arrest guarded by GPS

13/08/2011 12:00

“House arrest convicts will not be guarded by police
agents, but by a digital system, equipment that is placed in the body
of a person, which will identify their location through GPS, by
guaranteeing the execution of the court orders and public security,”
declared the Albanian minister of Justice, Eduard Halimi, while
inspecting the reconstruction of the police cells in Elbasan. The
Minister declared that the digitization project will start very soon,
which will enable house arrest criminals to serve their sentence without
being guarded by police agents.

“The citizens will be safer and guaranteed that these people, although behind the thick walls, will be electronically supervised at any moment. The digitizing project will be one of the quickest reforms in the Ministry of Justice, which will bring security for the public, will decrease corruption in prison systems and the judicial system itself”, Halimi added.

According to the Minister, this new procedure will allow the people who serve house arrest to be fully integrated with the society, and at the same time they will be surveyed 247.

“This reform in the justice system will bring a positive impact in many directions. The state budget cost will be lower in these conditions, while public security will be greater, because the persons who serve house arrest will be able to reintegrate with the society”, declared the head of the Ministry of Justice.

Sources say that the project costs 4 million EUR and it is a joint investment of the EU Commission and the Albanian Government. According to the Minister, the investment is very serious and the premises fulfill all standards.

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