Hahn: More time is needed to decide about Albania’s EU accession negotiations

18/06/2019 18:37

The Romanian presidency of the EU held a joint press release with the European Council today.

The enlargement commissioner, Johannes Hahn, said that some countries are not ready to confirm the negotiations for Albania and Northern Macedonia.

“The enlargement is a strategic matter of the EU. There has been progress, but we are not where we wanted yet. France, Germany and Denmark are skeptical about Albania. Three countries want to postpone the day of the decision. Germany wants more time. No decision has been taken yet, at least not for this summer. More time is needed by the member countries. I hope that we will have the results this year. Maybe even in October. It is very important to be fair. I hope we will have a final decision until then”, he said.

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, reacted immediately after the declaration and said that regardless of the constant mud throwing from the opposition, who is doing everything possible to damage the country’s image in the eyes of Europe, with stones, fireworks and Molotov bombs, Albania is resisting.

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