Grubi: “If Macedonian president doesn’t decree language law, it will pass again in parliament”

11/01/2018 20:39

In an interview for Top Channel, the chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the BDI, Artan Grupi, explains the law that passed today in the Parliament of Macedonia, for declaring Albanian the second official language, a law that concludes the Ochrid agreement and that was made possible after an agreement reached between Zaev’s Social Democratic party of Macedonia with the Albanian party Democratic Union for Integration.

“The law equalizes Albanian with the Macedonian language in all central institutions of Macedonia. The Presidency will now also have to speak Albanian. The government will also have to speak Albanian. The Parliament will keep speaking Albanian. Courts, notaries and prosecutions as well”, Grubi declared.

But the law will now have to face Macedonia’s President George Ivanov, who may not pass it. Grubi said that if he really refuses to decree it, the law will return in Parliament within 30 days and will be voted again with 61 votes in favor.

The news was greeted today by Albanian leaders in Tirana as a historic moment for Albanians and Macedonia as well.

Top Channel