Greek President reiterates threats against Albania’s EU accession

20/10/2017 03:30

Two days after the Albanian Parliament voted the law for national
minorities, the spokesperson of the Greek Foreign Ministry declared:

“Rather than securing rights of minorities, based on European standards, the draft-law voted by the Albanian parliament is bringing to life the abuses of Enver Hoxha’s regime. This is a step ahead for non-existing minorities, and a step back for Albania’s main and existing minority”, the Greek Ministry declared.

While the Greek President, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, reiterated his threats against Albania’s EU path, referring to the Greek minority in Himara and Kosovo’s cooperation with Albania, after President Meta’s visit in Prishtina.

“The behaviors of nationalistic adventures, which we have been witnessing recently between Tirana and Prishtina, are a brutal violation of human rights, similar to those happening with the minorities and their properties. Albania, unfortunately, is damaging its own membership process and this is their responsibility. We will not stay inactive towards such behaviors. We owe it to Greece and Europe”, declared the Greek President, Pavlopoulos.

This is the third time that the Greek President reiterates his threats against Albania’s European future.

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