Government, responding to IMF for budget

15/06/2011 08:00

In the last meeting of November 2010, the minister of finances, Bode and
chief of IMF Mission, Bell, agreed that the debt level should decrease,
that the government would be cautious with the expenses and the
revenues should be planned with given objectives.

The Head of the International Monetary Fund left Tirana assured that the government would realize all three objectives. Bell had previously declared that the budget of 2011 should be as realistic as possible, and not electoral.

Six months passed, a sufficient period for analyzing the realization of the objectives, and IMF is expected to come again in Tirana. The mission appears to be very delicate this time, because IMF chiefs have learned that the abovementioned objectives have not been realized and that the current period of Albanian finances is not in the level requested by IMF.

The team that manages and consults the economy of 187 world countries will come to Tirana this week; Gerwin Bell is the head of the mission, knwon for his strong and direct declarations. He will meet the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finances, the Governor of the Albanian Bank and the Minister of Economy.

There will be other meetings with experts from institutions such as the Albanian Energy Corporate and Albanian Institute of Statistics. The most interesting meeting is expected to be the one with Minister of Finances Ridvan Bode. Last November, when Bode shook hands with Bell, promised his commitment for financial discipline and declared for the media that the government had taken all measures for realizing the objectives.

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