Gjinushi: OSCE report proved theft

16/08/2011 15:25

The leader of the Social Democratic Party, Skender Gjinushi commented
the OSCE-ODIHR report by saying that it has proved once again what the
united opposition has been saying for all this time: these
elections did not fulfill the standards required by the EU and that
they were stolen.

“The word ‘standard’ is nowhere to be found in the report. This report says the big truth, that the main responsibility for the manipulations falls on the government and the Central Election Commission. The report is very strict and realist against CEC, which instead of managing the elections was there to manipulate them. Whoever wants Albania to progress would want the government to resign and make room for reforms, in order to make the Albanians declare their free will, and to count the votes in full accordance with the Electoral Code”, Gjinushi declared.

Skender Gjinushi thinks that now that the OSCE-ODIHR report has collected a catalogue of problems, same as it was pretended by the opposition, they must continue the battle for the free vote. Gjinushi, one of the United Opposition allies did not spare the critics towards the Socialist Party, which, according to him, seems confused each time that Berisha steals Albanians’ vote.

“The Social Democratic Party’s stance differs from that of the Socialist Party, which acts on behalf of a reform that we don’t understand, and on behalf of a stability that we still don’t understand, because the stability is based only on the free vote. This country has a fake stability if it stays silent in front of the stealing. The opposition has the right and not the obligation to protect the free vote. When the opposition protects the vote, it doesn’t protect Edi Rama’s mandate, but that of 250,000 Tirana citizens for choosing their Mayor. We must understand that each time that Berisha steals, the opposition feels confused, when it should be the contrary”, Gjinushi added.

According to Gjinushi, in front of such a situation, when the international “referee” said its word, the EU should speak openly and should not be concerned for the politicians of Albania, but for the Albanian citizens.

“Europe should be clear in its declarations. They should not be concerned if they are taking one side or another, but they should take the side of the people. In the 12 priorities, EU has demanded electoral standards, but the report never mentions this word”, Gjinushi said.

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