German Minister: The opposition’s behavior in Albania, unacceptable

21/05/2019 18:00

While Kosovo and Serbia are speaking about changing borders, and the opposition in Albania protests on the street, the German Minister for Europe says that the EU should be more present in the region.

He said that the violence in Albania, the hate, the boycotting of the Parliament by the opposition, are absolutely unacceptable.

“Albania has made a long road towards the EU. The opposition is putting its recognition at risk with their obstructing policy”, said the German Foreign Minister.

Roth said that despite critics, EU is the greater guarantee of peace and stability in the world, but our problems sometimes don’t allow us to take care of our direct, closer neighbors.

As for the lifting of the visa regime with Kosovo, Roth said that “this is not about a generous gift to the country, but Kosovo has fulfilled the conditions and the EU should not give the impression that we are not giving slack. If we leave a vacuum in western Balkans, the region will be shared with countries such as China, Russia and Turkey.”

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