FRONTEX Director: 50 EU officers at the Albanian-Greek border

21/05/2019 18:48

Fabrice Leggeri, the Executive Director of Frontex, said in an interview for Top Channel that Albania has been cooperating with FRONTEX since 2016, despite the fact that our country is not part of the EU.

“It was a political decision by the EU to extend this operation to Albania. There will be similar cooperation with other Western Balkan countries. We are here to assist the Albanian border patrol with surveillance and inspections. We are focused specifically on the human traffic and illegal immigration, including all criminal activities that could be uncovered in the border”, Leggeri said.

As regards the number of troops, from tomorrow there will be 50 officers from 12 EU countries. There will also be patrolling vehicles along the Albanian-Greek border, with some new technical equipment.

“We will start it with 50 officers, and I am confident that if we will need more, we bring others”, he said.


Top Channel