Fredi Bejleri questioned for the Peshkepia Massacre of 1994, caused by Greek terrorists

22/05/2019 18:09

The Prosecution of Serious Crimes is questioning Fredi Bejleri, who is under investigation for terrorist acts, after the investigations for the Peshkopia Massacre brought up his name. The Greek terror group, MAVI, claimed the authority of the attack. For this reason, Bejleri was not allowed to run for the Himara Municipality.

The Prosecution of Serious Crimes reopened the case after 25 years and summoned Fredi Dhionis Bejleri. The Prosecution is also investigating the documentary of Top Channel’s journalist, Marin Mema.

Interviewed by Top Channel’s journalist, Anila Hoxha, Bejleri said that he has no connection with the terrorist act: “I have been in Cyprus the month and day that this happened. The Greek and Albanian authorities have enough evidence to stop the humiliation of my image”, he said.

In 1994, the Peshkepia Border Post, in Gjirokastra, was attacked by an armed terror group that entered from Greece into Albanian territory killed soldier Arsen Gjini and the Commander of the Post, Fatmir Shehu; wounded other soldiers and stole the ammunition.


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