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Former Justice Minister: “Opposition must support quick EU accession negotiations”

10/10/2017 00:00

Former Justice Minister, Ylli Manjani, declared for Top Channel that
Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi must express the readiness of the
opposition to support the accession negotiations the soonest possible.

“The integration is an internal process. Any opposition would be interested for this process to be very quick. This is for the interest of the public that is represented by the opposition. Basha and Kryemadhi must express their readiness to support opening negotiations as soon as possible”, Manjani declared.

The former Justice Minister underlined that the core issue of integration is economy:

“Albania has not realized a judiciary reform, but just some show. The Constitution was violated due to idiotic interventions, but necessary, because we needed to accession invitation. We all stayed silent, including me, with the compromise of the accession negotiations. But economy is the core of integration. If we are ready to remove VAT at the Customs, we would be in Europe by tomorrow”, Manjani said.

“We haven’t taken this topic very seriously. We have seen Europe as a profit. Those farmers who fcomplain that they can’t sell onions, tomorrow will also have Europe as a competitor. No one knows this, but this is the EU”, Manjani said.

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