European MPs criticize Albanian politicians

30/04/2015 00:00

As never before at the European Parliament debate, more than 40 speakers
discussed the resolution regarding Albania, based on the draft of the
German rapporteur, Knut Fleckenstein, who support the start of the
negotiations with Albania, a process that is in danger due to political
confrontations, as evaluated by the European Parliament MPs.

Knut Fleckenstein, Rapporteur for Albania at the European Parliament:

“Albania has five other priorities in the agenda, the most difficult ones that cannot be done overnight. What we want to see is a strong political will and wide support from all political forces, institutions and civil society, such as the reforms of the judiciary, the public administration, fight against corruption and organized crime, and the reinforcement of human rights, including minorities. The Albanian government recognizes these challenges and has started some initiatives for the reforms, which now should be implemented properly. This is not simply a list of obligations. It is important for the citizens to feel in their daily life the difference of the reforms for services in the administration, education or when they go to court”.

Eduard Kukan, followup-rapporteur fir Albania at the European Popular Parties:

“Certainly, Albania has made progress. We must support it. It is also important to send a strong political message that the political confrontations are the biggest obstacle to progress in this process. Better political dialogue and better consensual solutions from all political parties are needed for this process. Politicians in Albania must avoid further political crises. They should understand that the integrating process is a mutual responsibility of both sides, the majority and the opposition. They must understand that the integration is a chance for Albania to progress, but thjey need political will for a very deep reform, especially as regards the rule of law, the judiciary, fight against organized crime and corruption. It is worth mentioning that the country will start the race for the local elections in a few week. This is a test for the new administrative reform and for the politicians to show their determination on the democratic rules and principles”.

Monica Macovei, head of the delegation European Parliament -Albania:

“We saw a lack of political dialogue when it was for the interest of the Albanian citizens. We saw gaps in governing for the citizens’ interest. Most of the people in Albania don’t trust the political class. We must be aware about this. I receive messages from Albanians regarding this. We are here for the best of the Albanian citizens, and not for the best of politicians. We must tell them when they are doing wrong, even if they are from our same political family. We should not take sides”, she declared.


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