European Commission recommends opening EU accession negotiations with Albania and Macedonia

14/04/2018 19:53

The European Commission decided to put a big barrier on Turkey’s accession negotiations talks, saying that official Ankara has taken serious steps that put it away from the European Union.

In the meantime, the Commission will recommend removing the accession negotiations for two countries, Albania and Macedonia.

German media published part of the report, which underlines the accession perspective for the six Western Balkan countries.

Accession negotiations are currently undergoing for Serbia and Montenegro, and based on the progress reached so far, the Commission wants to open them for Albania and Macedonia as well.

The Commissioner for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, will visit Tirana for handing over the progress report to the Albanian government and then will travel to Skopje.

The Commission wants the governments of these countries to leave no room of doubt for their strategic orientation and commitment, and to show determination and progress.

The Commission had mentioned 2025 as the date for the final accession of Balkan countries, but no date was specified this time.

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