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European Commission praises Albania’s position with neighboring countries

12/10/2017 00:00

Albania is progressing with the European integration, and the
determination of Albanian authorities has been an important contribute
to this objective, helping to manage the issue of unjustified asylum
seeking applications in EU member countries.

Albania’s efforts in regional cooperation were praised In a meeting of the Stabilization-Association Committee in Brussels, as relations with neighbors are an important part of the strategic partnership with EU.

“Albania is now completely in line, playing a positive role as regards Europe’s Foreign Policy and joint safety”, writes EU Reporter.

The eighth meeting of the Commission was jointly led by the Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Eralda Cani, and the European Commission Director, Genoveva Ruiz Calavera. In this meeting they reviewed main developments between Albania and EU during the past year, regarding rule of law, public administration reforms, trade, economic development, agriculture, fishing, industry, internal market, social policies, transportation and environmental issues.

The Committee also discussed about the implementation of the EU financial assistance in Albania. The Report of the European Commission on the progress made in all of these fields was positive, but it was however underlined that more concrete results are needed with the judiciary reform, being brought as vetting examples.

The fight against organized crime and corruption is once again identified as a priority, underlining efforts against cultivation and traffic of cannabis, public administration reforms and protection of basic rights.

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