Electoral meetings, teacher denounces

30/04/2011 19:25

Hyqmet Roda, vice director of the “Fshat” school in Fushë Kruja and also teacher, was relieved from this duty and was transferred to another school, in Nikel village of Kruja district.

He says that the reason was Roda’s refusal to participate at the electoral meeting of the Democratic Party.

“The day that Jozefina Topalli was coming here, they asked us teachers to put our signatures on a list for participation in the meeting. I signed and wrote that I will not be present, because the school must be depoliticized”, Hyqmet  Roda declared.

According to Roda, the school director, Bashkim Lamaj, was the person that asked him to sign the list. But Mr. Lamaj refused to give any comment on this matter. Contacted by Top-Channel, Mr. Lamaj said that he has not asked any list to be signed by the teachers. But Mr. Roda declared that his removal was made for pure political reasons.

“There were a lot of teachers and students in the meeting. They all know that there was a list for the participation in the meeting”, Roda added.

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