Elections, Moisiu: Correct observations needed

04/05/2011 15:30

The same people giving the same messages of peace and law
implementation, are never enough, especially when the campaign
incidents have happened constantly during the recent weeks.

The club of former Albanian Presidents, Alfred Moisiu and Rexhep Meidani, also called the Civil Forum, asked local observers to point the finger to anyone that will break the election order.

“International observers have given unclear conclusions, usually just saying that ‘these elections have been better than the previous ones, but standards have not been reached’. These expressions that we have heard so many times, have actually done more harm than good in the political debates, instead of clearly stating who is responsible for infringing laws and how”, Moisiu declared.

The former Albanian President, Alfred Moisiu, expressed the importance of an honest vote counting process. He declared that if the citizens will see that their vote has not gone where they sent it, there will be dissatisfactions. The OSCE ambassador, Eugen Wollfarth, said that it is important to make the complaints within the law structure.

“I think that the entire process should be handled in full accordance with the rule of law, and this way there will be no interruptions of this process. It is extremely important for the citizens to not be deprived of their right to vote. The politicians and their candidates should accept the results. Every attempt to solve conflicts outside the legal frame, by not accepting the results, endangers democracy. This is not acceptable and will not help Albania in its EU integration road”, Wollfarth said.

The elections will be observed by dozens of international observers under the OSCE ODIHR observing mission.

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