EC discuss EU accession negotiations, Albania’s chances now low after Netherlands’s declaration

18/06/2019 17:00

The Foreign Ministers of the EU are discussing today Western Balkan, among other things, after the European Commission recommended opening the negotiations for Albania and Northern Macedonia.

The Albanian acting Foreign Minister, Gent Cakaj, said that a positive decision of the Council is necessary for the two Balkan countries.

“A positive decision is necessary for both countries. We must exclude deciding separately for each country. We need a righteous and objective decision. Albania has fulfilled all conditions. It is time for the EU to hold a credible process”, Cakaj declared.

Despite Tirana’s efforts for a positive decision this June, the chances are very low. The Netherlands is the first country that announced its decision to block the opening of the accession negotiations for Albania at least in this month. France and Denmark have also given signals that they will support Hague in this position.

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