Durrës, sailors in protest

04/05/2011 14:45

Durrës sailors have protested against a training course that, although it costs, and although they have been obliged to follow it, has not been recognized by port
authorities of the neighboring countries.

After the 90s, with the privatization of the state owned ships from the Albanian Fleet, inexperienced workers started to work on ships without a marine education.

Albania does not have a marine register or work contracts, neither wage difference based on qualification and experience. For improving the quality, the Master Captain office asked them to attend courses offered by an Italian-Albanian company.

One day before, Top Channel’s “Fiks Fare”, a satirical information program, discovered that the company where the sailors should train was owned by the woman that lived together with the Director of Port Security, and the Master Captain office had addressed all sailors to this company, where they must pay 4 thousand Euros to receive the certification.

Top Channel