Drug traffickers at schools

04/05/2011 16:00

Drugs are being distributed in high schools. At least 8% of the students from 16 to 18 years old said that they have had people offering them drugs at schools. Marijuana remains one of most used drugs.

Specialists of the Health Institute say that 8% of the students have consumed marijuana.

“The most common drug is marijuana, almost half of the 8% has tried it at 
15 or 16 years of age”, says Roland Bani, specialist of the Health

Teenagers are more prone to depression, and 8% of them have considered suicide.

“The relation between genders is very significant. This problem has been
reported by 33% of the females and 16% of the males. Almost 8% of the
students that were questioned have considered suicide in the last year”,
Bani says.

60% of the students have smoked tobacco, although the law approved in
2006 by the Albanian government has prohibited sellers to provide
tobacco to people under 18 years old.

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