DP’s Basha on coronavirus measures: Keep fanatically the social distance of 1.5 meters

08/04/2020 18:16

Through a Facebook post, the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, called for maintaining the social distance during these pandemic times.

“Dear fellow citizens, like many of you, today I went out for some shopping and I was pleased to see the observance of the social distancing rule. Although it is a beautiful spring day, we must not forget that we are in a state of emergency and quarantine. So I want to reiterate my call to respect all the instructions on social distancing, to fanatically maintain the distance of 1.5 meters!” Basha wrote.

He further added:
“I know that for many of you it is becoming difficult, but please think that in this way you are protecting yourself, your family and your relatives. Every day we sacrifice to save life and win the health battle. Together we will succeed. #ditemetemira. “

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