DP summons Minister of Culture for rehabilitation plan at Butrint Park

10/10/2017 00:00

The permit signed by the Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro, for
rebuilding the Butrint Park, has turned into a political debate.

The Democratic Party, summoned Minister Kumbaro to a hearing session this Wednesday morning, saying that everything is illegal and that construction cannot be allowed close to an antique wall, dating the seventh century a. d.

“Renowned archaeologists and the Cultural Heritage Protection Forum have denounced the scandalous way how decisions were     taken for a construction order by the Minister of Culture close to a prehistoric wall, dating the seventh century before Christ. The permits given from the National Council of Archaeology and then the National Council of Restoration are total violation of the law”, said the Democratic Party MP, Albana Vokshi.

Kumbaro’s permit is about the rehabilitation of the archaeologic park and for the construction of service areas, with the condition to not touch the underground. But DP’s Albana Vokshi has another information.

“The UNESCO representative said they haven’t given any permit, reveals what Kumbaro is really up to”, Vokshi said.

DP asked the Prosecution to investigate the case, and appealed the government to stop construction works until there is full transparency.

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