DP: SP throwing mud to the process

28/06/2011 20:20

The Democratic Party declared through the Spokesperson Jorida Tabaku
that the Socialist Party is trying to throw mud to the electoral
process. According to her, Lulzim Basha took more votes than Edi Rama.

“Today, Rama continued his efforts for throwing mud to the electoral process. All Albanian citizens know that these elections were honest, free, transparent and the best ever held in Albania, where everything was shown live on TV. 1,600,000 citizens participated in these elections, and this enabled their voice to be heard. A record participation for local elections. The International Community has consequently valued these elections. Democracy is not at risk when every vote is counted, but when the voice of the citizens is not heard”, Tabaku declared.

“Democracy functions better when there is  a considerable difference in the result, but the real test for democracy is when there is a narrow result, and these elections in Tirana proved the strength of our democracy and that of the independent institutions, by following the legal ways, by hearing the voice of every citizen. More citizens voted for the candidate of Alliance for the Citizen, for him to become the next Mayor of Tirana. But more important is the fact that the voice of every citizen was heard. This was the reason why all Albanian citizens were asking: ‘Why Mr. Rama wants to cover the voice of the citizens? Why doesn’t he accept the result of democracy’”, she underlined.

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