DP same as SP, women candidates give up Parliament seat to make way for powerful businessman

13/02/2018 20:43

Businessman Astrit Veliaj will take the mandate of the Democratic Party for Berat, after two women who had the right to take that seat before him, decided to give up to that right and make room for the businessman.

This case is identical to the one of the Socialist Party, when Socialist women gave up from their right to enter the Parliament in order to make room for Arben Ndoka.

On January 23rd, 2014, Basha declared: “Four Socialist women were forced to give up from their right to enter the Parliament, because they were threatened by the most vicious violence that has the blessing of Edi Rama. This is a dark day for the Parliament of Albania”.

Today, Basha refuses to admit that the cases are identic: “Arben Ndoka is a person who has been sentenced for being involved with prostitution, but for this case, we have no information about being involved in crimes”, Basha said.

Arben Ndoka resigned before the decriminalization law entered into effect. No accusation has been made for Astrit Veliaj. Same as Arben Ndoka, he is just a businessman that is formally respecting the Electoral Code.

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