DP asks Rama and Balluku what January 14th, 2003, means for their Vora candidate

24/08/2019 19:26

With Agim Kajmaku, the Mayor of Vora, the Democratic Party is following the same procedure as with Valdrin Pjetri, the former candidate of Shkoder.

After accusing Kajmaku of being subject to the decriminalization law, the Democratic Party asked the Socialists of January 14th, 2003, rings any bell to them. According to the DP, this date is related to Vora’s Mayor past in Greece, where they say he has been sentenced for a crime.

“What’s important for the Albanian people, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transportation must respond about their friend with a criminal past in Vora. What’s the connection between January 14th, 2013, and their candidate in Vora? Why their candidate in Vora hasn’t traveled to Greece since 2003, and changed his name in Albania. What’s the connection between their candidate in Vora and the fake name ‘Jorgo Toto’, whose parents are named Thanas and Parascevi?”, writes Gazmend Bardhi, General Secretary of the DP.

With Valdrin Pjetri, two days after mentioning the sentence in Italy, Bardhi published the documents proving the accusation.

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