DP accuses the Prosecution of violating invesetigation procedures with Vora’s Mayor

07/09/2019 16:30

The Democratic Party has accused the Prosecution General of violating all procedures regarding the Agim Kajmaku case, and that they have even lied.

The Prosecution declared a few days ago that they had not received the fingerprints of Kajmaku, to verify if he is the person sentenced in Greece, because they had confused his address.

But, according to the DP, the Post of Albania rebukes the Prosecution, since the official request for giving the fingerprints was sent to Vora on August 29th.

“The Democratic Party demands the Prosecution to give an official explanation on why they haven’t implemented the law, which says that if an official doesn’t give his fingerprints in five days, he loses the right to keep the post”, the DP reaction said.


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