Discipline refuses Flamurtari’s request

03/05/2011 13:15

The Discipline Commission of the Albanian Football Federation rejected
the Flamurtari team request of to consider the match against Laçi as a
win, which was interrupted because of an incident that injured the Vlore
goalkeeper, Shpëtim Mocka.

The Discipline Commission decided that Laçi will play two matches without fans and will pay a fine of 500,000 ALL.
The officials declared that the fireworks that injured the goalkeeper were not an acceptable cause to interrupt the match.

The leaders of Flamurtari have a deadline of three days to appeal this decision. If the appeal will leave this decision in act, the Vlore team must address their complaint to the international officials in Lozana.

However, the Discipline Commission was the last hope of the Flamurtari team and leaders to return for the title, which now is closer than ever to the Skenderbeu team. Skenderbeu will play in Korçe with Elbasan, a team that has secured the fall down at the first category, while the Vlore team will face Vllaznia at “Loro Boriçi”.

One day before, the Flamurtari fans threatened to block the Mifoli Bridge if the Discipline Commission in the Albanian Football Federation would not give victory to their team due to the incidents that happened with Laçi.

“The commission must give the three points of victory to Flamurtari, otherwise we will take measures to block the Mifoli Bridge”, said Agron Sinani, leader of the Fan Association “Red and Black Dragons”.

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