Democratic Party MP, Hajdari: “I’ll stay in Parliament for the sake of Albania”

11/03/2019 21:10

The Democratic Party MP, Rudina Hajdari, declared for the Voice of America that she will not hand over her mandate as MP.

“The decision for resigning from the Parliamentary seats damages the country’s integrating processes, and its relations with the EU and USA. I will respect the Constitution of Albania. In this crossroad I will not follow a political career, but the future of my country. The Parliament gives oxygen to the political parties. It is the place where we represent the people”, Hajdari said.

When asked whether the Democratic Party would suspend her, as they have done with all the other MPs who refused to resign, Hajdari said that it is not the first time that this happens to her family. Her father, Azem Hajdari, was suspended twice from the Democratic Party, and he was one of the founders.

“I want to remind the Democratic Party that it is not the first time they do this. They have done it twice with my father and they regretted it both times”, Hajdari said.

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