Declaration of German Foreign Minister, stance of the German Federal government

20/04/2017 00:00

The German Foreign Ministry gave a clear message after the debates
caused in our country when the German Foreign Minister asked the
opposition to end the Parliamentary boycott.

Some websites have declared that this appeal comes because the German MFA belongs to the Social Democratic Party.

Deutsche Welle made an inquiry at the German Foreign Ministry, asking if Gabriel’s declaration was related to his party, or if it was an official stance of the German government. The answer leaves no room for further discussion:

“The request addressed by the German Foreign Minister to the Albanian opposition, for ending their parliamentary boycott and follow the constitutional path, is a stance of the German Federal Government”, the Ministry replied.

During his visit in Tirana, the German Foreign Minister said that the Parliamentary boycott was absurd, and that the MPs should do their job in Parliament, not inside a tent.

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