Covid-19 epidemic, Rama: This is a week of fire, we are entering the most dramatic phase of the war

23/03/2020 15:15

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama issued a video message to Albanians this time from his prime minister’s office, warning of loss of life and encouraging the implementation of social distance measures.

“This plague that has attacked the world, targets the oldest and the physically weakest among us, but not even the younger are 100% invulnerable. Don’t play with the fire please. We’re going to lose people, I don’t know how much, nobody knows anywhere, but we must not lose many of our people, never again, and that’s up to us, we can achieve it with patience.

“Do not stack but stand at least 1 meter behind each other’s back. Whoever thought that this war would pass without loss of life, thought it wrong. The virus will affect each of us, whatever we do.

“Everything we do is very important, being maximally disciplined we can slow down the spread of the enemy. We have to get out of this war with our heads up, not counting hundreds or thousands of dead, God forbid.

“Do not touch your face without washing your hands, keep the elderly in a distance so that you can embrace them the day of liberation, not to weep and not being able to bury them. Those who go to work keep 1 meter distance, do not touch the face without washing your hands after touching other things,”said Rama.

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