Covid-19 circulation schedule changes, PM: From tomorrow after 1pm until Monday no one on the streets, only the army

20/03/2020 18:38

“From tomorrow the regime of movement is changing, because we have not even one hour never mind days, to lose with educating the disobedient. These we will soon be forced to respond to with the same coin, not just punishing them with fines and the sanctions in force, but even interrupting any kind of aid and state service”, Prime Minister Edi Rama said in a harsh statement.

Further on he added:

“Calls for understanding are coming to an end! From tomorrow the civil circulation time slots will be 05.00 – 13.00! This will be from now on the working times of points of sale of food, medicine or banking services, as well as the working hours of administration employees.

“From tomorrow at 13.00, all day Sunday, until Monday at 05.00, everything will be closed, in all urban centers of the Republic of Albania. Only police, military, critical state service units and media companies will be on the street!

“This is a war and the enemy is not leaving, but getting closer every minute! So you along with me must set your mind up in tightening every day the screws of the protective chain, unless we want to be slaughtered by it like the insecticide does the flies”, wrote Rama.

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