Court legitimizes elections by rejecting request of National Unity Party to unregister

24/06/2019 18:45

The Party for National Unity had made the request to unregister themselves from the June 30th elections, but the Electoral College ruled against them.

The more important part of this request was about how the President’s decree to repeal June 30th as the Election Day would be treated.

According to the Central Election Commission, the President’s decree is invalid. But the Court requested an answer about the nature of the Presidential decree, which was considered by CEC as an individual administrative act.

The political parties that don’t recognize the President’s decree to repeal June 30th were looking forward to this decision. For the rest, the argument involves the Constitutional Court, as the institution that could affect the decree.

Right after the decision, the Presidency reacted by saying that the “scene orchestrated a long time ago” was no surprise to them.

Sources said for Top Channel that Ridvan Hado, Artur Malaj and Tomorr Skreli are the judges who rejected the request of the National Unity Party.

Top Channel