Countryman: Calm elections and campaign

23/04/2011 10:50

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Thomas M. Countryman, declared that the Electoral Campaign and the May 8th elections in Albania should be calm and without problems.

During an interview for Radio Free Europe, the high American official emphasized that the elections should be honest and that those do not belong to the political parties, but to the Albanian citizens.

“We have insisted for all parties to respect the Constitution, to hold honest and peaceful elections. We appealed the Albanian people to demand exactly this by their representatives”, Countryman said.

According to him, USA expects both parties to keep a non violent campaign, to hold calm elections on May 8th and to solve any disagreement on elections through the constitutional process.

“If we achieve this, the post-elections period should serve for a more civilized political dialogue, not only between parties, but a dialogue that involves all Albanian society”, Countryman said.

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