Coronavirus; PM Rama announces new austerity but also relief measures within April the 15th

08/04/2020 18:06

The Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama through a post on Facebook has announced that the government is preparing to send to the Parliament for approval the new austerity measures regarding the spread of CoVid-19.

According to Rama, changes will be made in the road traffic and criminal code in order to protect citizens from disobedient people, and there will also be some mitigating measures in the coming days, which will be taken in accordance with the safety of every citizen.
“Within April 15th, we will have the expanded financial package and the readiness to approve mitigation measures, as well as new criminal measures in the Albanian Parliament. The new austerity measures, which we are preparing to address in parliament, on the one hand will protect the people from the disobedient, and on the other hand will grant relief, while ensuring the health of every citizen.

“The revocation of the driving license for several years, as well as the deprivation of liberty, for several or many years according to the degree of violation, will become norms to ensure the victory of the war, without jeopardizing the achievements so far and the path of economic recovery”, stated Rama.

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