Coronavirus, General director of Police: No one will be tolerated, punishment for anyone who violates orders

21/03/2020 15:32

State Police Director Ardi Veliu said in an interview with Top Channel that no one will be tolerated in terms of orders given to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

“It is now an hour since the stat of the ban on vehicles’ and people movement. The movement of vehicles and pedestrians is currently blocked. The police stations are on the ground. Pedestrian movement has been reduced except for those returning from work. There were no major violations eccept for some individuals who finished work at two o’clock or later or other services that are critical to life continuation. I urge citizens to respect this ban as no one will be tolerated. Each individual will be penalized in confirmation of the DCM by fining 10 thousand lek and accompanying the vehicle if in their possession”, said Veliu, adding that persons who have returned from Italy or other countries affected by the coronavirus are constantly being monitored by telephone.

Top Channel