Coronavirus epidemic restrictive measures; 157 citizens fined in 24 hours

30/03/2020 17:15

Law authorities stated today that checks are underway throughout the territory, in pursuance of the restrictive measures announced by the Albanian government, to contain COVID-19.

During the last 24 hours, throughout the country, 8 drivers have been penalized for violating the traffic stop order, and have been revoked the driving license and vehicle , pursuant to Normative Act no. 3, dated 15.03.2020.

Across the country, police structures fined 10,000 ALL, 157 citizens, who were found to move on foot or by bicycle, without any reason or emergency.

1 citizen was fined 500,000 ALL, after being illegally entering the emergency medical facility to see a family member.

Across the country, 7 trading units were found to have failed to comply with the closing hours and administrative action was taken against them pursuant to section 3, point 7 of Normative Act No. 3, dated 15.03.2020.

From today onwards no pedestrians will be allowed to go for walks, sports activities or other motives, except for medical emergencies and those who go to work, who must have their employer ID card and proof of employment.

To shop in urban areas, a family member must apply to e-Albania or by text to free number 55155 to obtain authorization, while retirees are categorically not allowed to leave the apartment, states the police.

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