Colorful Vienna benches replace ‘Holiday Village’ on Tirana’s main square

12/01/2018 19:29

41 colourful benches, donated by Vienna, were scattered around Tirana’s main “Skanderbeg Square”, offering relaxing moments for citizens.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, said that this is one of the many collaborations that Tirana has had with the Vienna Municipality and Austrian companies in Albania.

“This gift animates the square even more. Squares are urban infrastructure objects, but without people and without life, they are useless to the city. The ‘Holiday Village’ left and now there is a new, more vernal furnishing for people to spend more time in its green areas. There will also be open shows and opera, while the Museum will open with new preparations for the jubilee Year of Scanderbeg”, Veliaj said.

The 41 VIENA benches are produced by the Quartier Museum of Vienna, with a total value of 70,000 EUR.

These benches have turned very popular in European citizen,s such as Vienna and Munich.


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