Clinton’s autobiography spurs debates in Serbia

13/06/2018 17:23

The autobiography of Hillary Clinton has spurred many debates in Serbia.

The institution that represents the Albanain community in Serbia denied having demanded to include the book in the school curricula for Albanian children.

This debate was created after a Serbian Minister reminded the role of Hillary’s husband in the bombing campaign against Serbia, during the Kosovo War.

Enver Mehmeti, Secretary of the Albanian National Council, said for BIRN that they haven’t made such a demand.

He explained that what this organism proposes is to use Albanian language books in schools that follow the government’s education program.

But the Serbian Minister of Education reacted by saying that they will not allow high school students to learn about the family members who allowed Serbia’s bombing, referring to NATO’s campaign in 1999, which aimed to stop Belgrades military operation against civilians in Kosovo.

“If Albanians see the Clinton family as a supreme good, we see it as a supreme bad thing”, said the Minister.


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