CEZ investigation delayed, Prosecution demands three other months

16/04/2018 17:58

After the rumours for reopening investigations on the privatization procedures of the Energy Distribution System by CEZ, the case is expected to have delays.

Sources say that the Prosecution asked the Tirana Court to extend the investigation period with three months, in order to carry out additional investigative actions on the privatization procedure. The Parliamentary Investigative Commission has claimed that this procedure has created 414 million EUR damage.

The cause for this request was two request-letters sent to France and Kosovo, to notify one of the people who are expected to speak on the Prosecution’s suspicions.

Nue Kolaj, mentioned as the inter-mediator for this process, has registered home addresses in both these countries.

Among the people questioned was also Shkelzen Berisha, son of former Prime Minister; and Genc Ruli, former Minister with Berisha’s cabinet.

As it has been proven so far, these requests result in futile efforts for the Albanian authorities.

The Prosecution has been delayed for one year regarding the famous IMSI Catcher case, and also with the Tahiri-Habilaj case.

The Prosecution has just one other month, and then the case may be terminated.

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