“CEC must act within law”

24/05/2011 14:00

The Council of EU Foreign Ministers disapproved Albania’s agreement with EU for participating in crisis management operations.

Diplomatic sources declared for Top Channel that “Based on Albania’s current situation, it wasn’t judged as appropriate for this country to solve other countries’ crisis”.

For a better understanding on the significance of the loss of this agreement, Top Channel’s journalist in Brussels, Arta Tozaj, interviewed the Spokesperson for Catherine Ashton, EU Foreign Policy Representative .

The Spokesperson Maja Kossiancicn declared that Brussels is following attentively the Albanian elections and is expecting a fast finalization.

TCH: Why did the council disapprove this agreement with Albania?

Kossiancic: The EU agreement for allowing Albania to participate in crisis management operations is almost ready to be signed, but the Council felt it was not the right time for signing this agreement. I am sure that this agreement will be signed in the future. There were no discussions on this point. This is a routine of regular Council meetings, where ministers do not discuss. As you know, EU position on Albania is very clear. We want to see the finalization of the electoral process in Albania, in full accordance with domestic rules and procedures. We appeal Albanian political leaders to overcome the situation with calm and political responsibility. We want to see Albania with a democratic maturity, which is indispensable in the path towards the EU perspective.

TCH: Is EU following the ballot recount process? Have we fulfilled the required standards until now?

Kossiancic: EU is following the entire process after May 8th, and even before, when it was also observed closely. Espacially for this matter we are studying the recommendations made by ODIHR observers. We judge that there are a number of recommendations that Albania must complete in order to hold elections that fulfill EU and international standards. I think that this is what Albania must follow in the future.

TCH: Will EU recognize CEC final result?

Kossiancic: We believe that CEC must finalize its mandate according the Constitution and the domestic laws. We are following the process, and after it will be finished, there will be complaints and contestations. As I said, we need to see a fast finalization of this process, in order to have the results for the entire local elections. I think that it is important for the Albanian authorities to work on their own problems.

Top Channel