Cave where Albanian priest hid from communists for 14 years found in Shkreli

23/08/2019 22:41

On January 1945, Dom Nikolle Gazulli, then vicar of Shkreli, in Malesi e Madhe, notified the entire area about the establishing of a new regime.

From that moment, he was declared an enemy of the communist regime and was persecuted for 14 months.

Dom Nikolla hid in a nearby cave, which was uncovered by a Shkreli resident just a few days ago.

The Catholic church had been searching for the cave where Gazulli had lived for 14 months.

On March 23rd, as he got out of the cave, Dom Nikolle Gazulli was betrayed and was killed by the communist regime.

He was a great scholar, specialized in Albanogy, and close collaborator of Gjergj Fishta and Ndre Mjeda.

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