Castles, Culture Monuments, will be given to PPP concession agreements

19/12/2017 21:28

The government has sent a draft law to parliament for giving culture monument to PPP concessions. The law has been drafted by the Ministry of Culture.

Article 182 of this f the law says that monuments of culture can be given to be used, for revitalizing purposes, for social-cultural administrative functions, with the condition that the revitalization process will not damage the cultural asset”.

According to the draft, private usage should respect regimes for protecting cultural values of the asset that is given for concession.

The law foresees the establishment of a National Commission for Managing Cultural Assets. This commission will be composed of 19 people and will be managed by the Ministry of Culture and will propose the PPP agreements.

Experts have opposed this move, saying that private operators may damage the cultural values. Another concern is that there could be monopolies exploiting cultural spaces for business.

The efforts to give culture monuments in PPP agreements have started in 2012. The Socialist Party, then in opposition, launched a powerful campaign against the decision. Today, the Socialists are making way for the concession of cultural monuments.

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