Bulqize miners protest

11/08/2011 15:00

The hunger strikers have interrupted all forms of communication with the rest of the world, until their requests will be met.

For 18 days, the galleries have remained without the daily itinerary of 700 mineworkers, while 960 meters underground, the health condition of 13 of them depends on the dialogue result.

The mineworkers have also started protesting since this Wednesday. Early in the morning, the miners and their relatives marched down the streets of Bulqize with the intention to block the national road. The Police have tried several times to stop their movement. The protesters asked the support of other citizens while they marched towards “Qafe e Buallit”, a key part of the Peshkopi-Tirana road.

Police asked the help of the Special Forces, which had arrived one day ago in support of the local police. The protesters tried for more than 20 minutes to break the police line. The Special Police did not intervene, but they only formed a second line, in order to allow vehicle movement in the main axes.

The protesters did not give up and stayed for more than 90 minutes on the road. Then they continued towards the center of the town and expressed their revolt in front of the Municipality, where they wrote their complaints not only against ACR, but also against the government, the Prime Minister and the President.

Among the protesters there have been many women and children, members of the hunger strikers’ families, all of them psychologically tired and concerned for what is happening to their relatives.

While the miners threaten to escalate their protests, nothing has happened about the dialogue. The Syndication refused to go to Peshkopia for a meeting with ACR leaders, declaring that this dialogue should be made in the Mine Administration offices or the Municipality. This request was added after 18 day. Both parties seem angrier than ever and in these conditions, peace seems still far.

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